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Strata Management Services - Developers

Beaumont Strata regularly advises developers on the establishment of new Strata Schemes. We work with developers in the following areas:

   1.  Registration of strata plans

   2.  Drafting by-laws

   3.  Establishment of financial records and the strata roll 

   4.  Organising specific strata insurance

   5.  Establishment of budgets/ striking levies during "Initial Period"

   6.  Preparation of agenda and minutes for inaugural general meeting

   7.  Issuing s/84 certificates to prospective purchasers

   8.  Supervising "fitout" works (for commercial premises), including holding damage bonds.

   9.  Liaising with developer/builders and new owners in relation to building defects (during    defect liability period)

 10.  At the expiry of the "initial period", Beaumont Strata will draft the agenda for the First     Annual General Meeting. We will also assist the developer with the handover of required     documentation to the Owners Corporation.