Our response to the COVID-19 virus
(Updated 20 March 2020)

We are aware that you will have been inundated with emails regarding responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, we will seek to provide a brief update on the strata/community management of your scheme.


For the time being, we will be seeking to defer all meetings of owners and strata committees, unless critical/urgent. If the pandemic continues for an extended periodic, meetings will become more “urgent” and will have to be called.

We will be offering alternate means of participation in meetings (e.g. conference call/electronic attendance) where meetings are scheduled. At a minimum, we will adhere to government regulations regarding the number of people that can be admitted to meetings.

We have been in the process of rolling out an electronic method of voting and will expedite that as quickly as possible. These measures should allow for the orderly conduct of the owner’s corporation.

Strata Management Support

Our managers remain available to support you with any needs you may have, including estate management (repairs and maintenance), levies, accounts, by-law enforcement or similar. To the extent possible, it is “business as usual”.

Our managers are working outside the office where possible but at this stage, are not locked down. Our office remains open, but we would ask owners (and contractors) wishing to attend our office to make an appointment.

We will ensure that contractors continue to be engaged and paid promptly. The owner’s corporation finances, levy collection and books and records are unaffected. You can access information via our web portal at www.beaumontstrata.com.au.

We will be ensuring communication with committees in relation to extra measures that might be considered to deal with the pandemic (on a case by case basis).

Strata inspectors can still conduct searches of the books and records; we will be able to provide timely status certificates, although we recommend reasonable notice be given to ensure that these are available in advance of settlements.

We would also note:

All residents / businesses, contractors and visitors should practice both good hygiene (e.g. handwashing) and social distancing. In most cases, individuals are required to take personal responsibility for this, although some owners corporations are providing additional facilities and cleaning.

All residents diagnosed with COVID-19 that are required to self-isolate should alert the owners corporation via the strata manager so other residents / businesses can be informed (confidentially) and take appropriate precautions, including extra cleaning.

Restrictions may be placed on communal facilities (like gyms, pools and clubhouses), especially if a person returning a positive result to COVID-19 has visited the site. We would ask for all owners’ patience and understanding.

Thank you for your support to date. If any matters require our attentions, please contact the strata manager. We wish you continued good health at this trying time.


Beaumont Stata is honoured to have been entrusted with the management of strata and community schemes that span commercial, industrial, retail and residential estates.



Residential Strata Schemes may be one of the following:

  • Apartment buildings - medium and high density housing
  • Townhouses
  • Mixed use shop top housing
  • Lifestyle Estates


Commercial strata management may include:

  • Offices
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Industrial complexes


Community schemes include:

  • Industrial/Office Estates
  • Golf Course Communities
  • Lifestyle Housing Estates
  • Residential Estates


“The Beaumont Strata Manager has been the manager for the Coonara Shopping Village for the past 18 months and I couldn't be happier with the way he managed the Village for us.

From day one (BSM Manager) was nothing but professional, he came out and introduced himself which made me feel as we were not a forgotten business and made it more personal. Whenever I needed something I would never hesitate to call (BSM Manager) and knew that my issue would be dealt with that day and messages would be responded within a few hours.

He made many improvements to the centre which helped the businesses within e.g. new toilets, lighting the centre at night as well as cleanliness of the entire centre. These changes helped to not only boost the businesses, but made the working environment a much more positive and safe one for all."
Domenic M

"Many thanks to Christa and the Beaumont Strata team for the polite, courteous and immediate response today for the emergency plumbing at my tenanted property. 

I had a call from the tenant that the garage was flooded with a very foul smell. At 12:40pm I rang an EC member who gave me your email address.

At 12:46pm I receive a call from you asking the nature of the problem.

At 12:51pm you called back and advised a plumber will be at the premises within 30-60 minutes. You again called me at 1:43pm to advise me the plumber will arrive very soon. The plumber arrived at 1:50pm and gurnied out the blockage. He took photos and said he will send them to Strata as there may be more roots further down the pipe.
As from the above, my appreciation for the excellent service and time duration that Beaumont Strata has given me was only experienced in the 70’s. I am still amazed.

Thank you again. This situation was a health and safety issue and was executed very efficiently."
Eslyn, Carlingford

"We really appreciate your diligence, professionalism and your downright good nature in what must be a very difficult job."
Sandra, Norwest

"You're doing a great job and have everyone's interest at heart - professionally."
Andy, Castle Hill

"Always appreciate your efficiency and detailed communication regarding all matters."
Jacqui, Baulkham Hills

"Such professional feedback, as well as long term support to us."
Darren, Norwest

"Your attention to everything and knowledge shown and shared is greatly appreciated. I know the year ahead is definately going to feel a lot easier to tackle with Beaumont's on-board."
Michelle, Kellyville

"Too often, people on contact the strata manager to whinge or complain, but your response to this situation is worthy of a thank you and a pat on the back. Appreciate all your organising."
Matt, Bella Vista