Beaumont Strata Management is a leading Strata and Community Title Management specialist. Since 1981, Beaumont Strata has specialised in strata and community title management of commercial, industrial and retail properties located across Sydney's north and western suburbs. In recent times, we have extended our range of services to select residential schemes.

From our offices at Norwest, Blacktown, Wetherill Park, Penrith and Central Coast, we are easily able to service owners across greater Sydney and Central Coast. Our commitment to quality service is reflected in the continued expansion of our business. Our objective is to work closely with Committees, owners and their tenants to ensure each complex meets the expectations of every stakeholder.

It's a complete service, professional in every way, filling an important need in the property market.

Service Level

Our managers handle a modest number of clients and properties to ensure we actively manage the needs of our clients.

Quality Control

We employ experienced managers who are further supported by management and an administration team that collectively ensure our clients requests are met promptly at all times.

& Systems

We utlise the latest technology to assist us to provide the best possible service to clients and the best user experience. Owners and the strata committee have 24/7 access to their information.


We respect the value of ensuring owners corporations are complying with all applicable laws.


The team include fully qualified accountants and BAS staff to ensure our clients can be assured of accurate accounts and tax records.


Earle Beaumont started the business in 1981, at a time there were few specialist strata managers, let alone any with specialist commercial expertise.

With that in mind, Earle completed the strata management course, passing with distinctions, and became a part-time strata manager, establishing Beaumont Strata Management in the process. At that time, Earle’s employer was involved in some property development and Earle was responsible for managing one of their industrial developments in Salisbury Road, Castle Hill. Beaumont Strata continues to manage the property.

During the 1980s, the Castle Hill trading zone was in its early stages of development. Farming land was soon being turned into strata-titled industrial developments and Castle Hill, as a destination for light industry, emerged.

Beaumont Strata Management was uniquely positioned to grow with the area, and the business expanded as Earle earned a reputation for ‘getting the job done’. This remains at the heart of the Beaumont Strata ethos.

Over the years, Beaumont Strata has taken on a number of new staff, precipitating several office moves - most recently into Norwest Business Park at 38 Brookhollow Avenue. In October 2010, Beaumont Strata opened its first branch office at Arndell Park (Blacktown) with further branches established at Penrith, Wetherill Park and on the Central Coast to service its growing portfolio.

Beaumont Strata remains one of the very few specialist strata and community managers of commercial, industrial and retail property. However, we have also expanded our services to specific residential properties that seek high quality and expert support.

With the strategic use of technology, and designated staff serving specific markets, we now provide strata and community management services to clients across the Sydney basin and Central Coast. While Earle has taken a step back from day to day management to enjoy his well earned retirement, his son, Grant has taken over as licensee in charge, and Ashley Bassa, as Head of Strata Management.

While boutique in nature, we are dedicated to providing the high levels of service and professionalism that owners come to expect of much larger businesses.