Beaumont Strata can assist developers and owners from the time of construction and marketing units for lease, to the establishment of the owners corporation, through to the ongoing management of the scheme.



Beaumont Strata tailors its management style to suit the owners and properties under our care.

We understand that each owners corporation is unique and has distinct requirements.





We regularly advise developers on the establishment of new schemes. We work with developers in the following areas:

  • Registration of strata plans.
  • Drafting by-laws.
  • Establishment of financial records and the strata roll
  • Organising specific strata insurance.
  • Establishment of budgets/ striking levies during the "Initial Period".
  • Preparation of agenda and minutes for inaugural general meetings.
  • Issuing S184 certificates to prospective purchasers
  • Supervising "fitout" works (for commercial premises), including holding damage bonds.
  • Liaising with developer/builders and new owners in relation to building defects (during defect liability period).
  • At the expiry of the "initial period", Beaumont Strata will draft the agenda for the First Annual General Meeting. We will also assist the developer with the handover of required documentation to the Owners Corporation.



Beaumont Strata will actively monitor accounts and provide a recommended budget for owners to consider. This is the basis upon which levies are struck.


Beaumont Strata handles the preparation of financial statements which are circulated to all owners at the annual general meeting and, more regularly, to the Owners Corporation's treasurer. Accounts are also available on the owners portal. We will handle the collection of levies (income) and payment of all accounts (expenses). Owners and the Strata Committee can access their information in real time. In some cases, the Owners Corporation's treasurer may wish to approve the payment of expenses - we can accommodate this option.


Beaumont Strata will issue levy notices on behalf of the Owners Corporation on a quarterly or six-monthly basis. Owners can pay their levies by BPAY, electronic funds transfer, and online/by telephone with Mastercard/Visa.

Arrears management

Beaumont Strata will actively monitor levy arrears and, in consultation with the Strata Committee, take appropriate action to recover unpaid levies.


Books & Records

Beaumont Strata will have custody of the Owners Corporation's books and records, including the strata roll and common seal. We will make the books available to strata inspectors conducting searches on behalf of prospective owners. Much of the Owners Corporation books and records are held in electronic format and accessible via the owners portal.


We will obtain multiple quotations for the renewal of insurance. With the agreement of the Strata Committee, we will place the insurance with an appropriate insurer. We will ensure Certificates of Coverage are retained on file and available on the owner portal. We will lodge insurance claims on behalf of the Owners Corporation and we will liaise with insurance assessors (where required).


Beaumont Strata will draft the agenda for annual and extraordinary general meetings and, in consultation with the Strata Committee, finalise and circulate it. By invitation, the Beaumont Strata manager will chair annual general meetings. Beaumont Strata will draft minutes of the meetings.

Essential Services

Beaumont Strata will organise for the regular testing and maintenance of essential services (fire services). Where required, Beaumont Strata will organise for the lodgement of the Annual Fire Safety Statement with the local council. We are prepared to sign the statement on behalf of the Owners Corporation.


Beaumont Strata takes a proactive approach to managing our customers' property. Such services include:

  1. Supervising repairs and maintenance;
  2. Preventative maintenance programs;
  3. Regular site inspections, processing repairs & maintenance requests;
  4. Contractor compliance (ensuring only licensed and insured tradesmen on site);
  5. Organising quotations for major works and supervision of major projects such as re-painting, foyer upgrades, garden upgrades etc.

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